9 Misconceptions About NJ Solar Power

Before misconceptions can be corrected, they need to be identified. With the help of our marketing team and on-site feedback from our sales teams, including The Solar Ladies, we identified the most common misconceptions on solar panels, solar energy and the growing residential solar power market in New Jersey. What we found, and continue to find, are mixed ideas, preconceived notions, and conceptual misunderstandings when it comes to NJ Solar Power. Ironically, when it comes to alternative energy not everyone is open to hearing the alternative. To help breakdown some of these barriers locally, we put together the below infographic: 9 Misconceptions About NJ Solar Power.

The key to overcoming misconceptions surrounding solar power is ensuring that homeowners are constructing or reconstructing a correct framework for their new knowledge. It’s one thing for us to present the facts, but if you’re like people the above infographic will not be what changes your mind on NJ Solar Power. We understand technology can be confusing. But it is also exciting! That’s why we encourage homeowners to test their knowledge on solar panels and solar energy and engage in discussion with other homeowners. Talk to your neighbors or friends who have installed a residential solar energy system. Don’t know someone with solar panels? Contact us to attend a solar energy workshop and lunch and learn. We make it a priority to have customers attend our presentations so you can make a fair, unbiased assessment.

MYTH: Solar Companies are selling the energy made from my system and I don’t get anything out of it.

FACT: Solar systems in New Jersey are tied to a grid through a system called net metering.  Energy that you generate but do not use feeds back into the grid.  Homeowners in New Jersey are protected by net metering laws, which ensure homeowners realize benefits from the exchange.  Every time energy is fed back to the grid, homeowners receive a credit on their electric bill.

MYTH: Solar panels will deteriorate my roof.

FACT: Any GOOD solar company will inspect your roof before recommending panel installation.  Some even work with preferred roofing partners when a new roof is needed to get their customers discounted pricing on roof replacement.  Then upon installation, solar panels actually help to protect your roof, and can extend its lifetime.

MYTH: Solar systems are too expensive for me to install.

FACT: Thanks to smart policies and financial incentives, New Jersey homeworkers can install solar panels for as little as $0 out of pocket.  This process allows you to start receiving the benefits of solar power immediately as you pay a fixed monthly lease or loan payment significantly less than your old power bill.  

MYTH: I should wait to install a solar system because it keeps getting cheaper.

FACT: In a way, you’re right that solar power systems could continue to get less expensive.  However, now is the time to buy to take advantage of historic tax credits that offer homeowners 30 percent of the total cost of a home solar system.  That amount will decrease to 26 percent in 2020 and 22 percent in 2021.

MYTH: Winter hits New Jersey pretty hard, so I don’t think I get enough sun to power the panels.

FACT: A combination of factors determine the effectiveness of a solar power system.  In New Jersey’s case, it is actually considered on of the best states for home solar due to its sunlight, clear days, and quicker turnaround on installment payments.

MYTH: Maintaining my home solar system will be too much work.

FACT: Solar powered systems in New Jersey are connected to the utility service, and therefore require almost no maintenance at all.  When entering a solar system agreement, homeowners are provided with a comprehensive warranty and insurance package that covers maintenance and repairs to the system for the lifetime of the agreement.

MYTH: I shouldn’t invest in a solar system for my starter home.

FACT: Most people buy a starter home as an investment in their future.  A 2015 study sponsored by the United States Department of Energy found that buyers were willing to spend a premium of about $15,000 on an average-sized home with a solar system installed versus a home without one.  In addition, homes with solar power installed sell as much as 20 percent faster than their traditionally powered competitors, according to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

MYTH: Finding the right home solar system for me takes too much time that I don’t have.

FACT: Research pays dividends in what has become a buyer’s market.  Getting as many as five quotes is recommended, and could save you thousands of dollars on installation.  Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech works for you as your solar energy advocate to save you time and find the absolute best program, technology, and savings for the future.

MYTH: Solar panels aren’t a reliable power source.

FACT: Solar panels are more effective in some areas than others, but the point is they are effective either way.  With no moving parts and minimal maintenance needs, they are built to withstand whatever mother nature throws their way for years to come.