New Jersey Solar Ladies Poised to Make Big Impact in Renewable Energy Sector

The Solar Ladies of New Jersey aim to advance women in solar panel sales, promote diversity in the community, and educate consumers on the advantages of solar power.

A Sappy Attic Is Not A Happy Attic

Not knowing what’s going on with your attic is careless. There’s really no excuse. We understand it can be a “pain” or a “hassle”, but your attic requires the same attention and maintenance as any other area of your home.


Do Solar Attic Fans Work on Cloudy Days?

Superior quality multi-crystalline solar cell modules provide the power for all DVHET solar fans. Because these panels have high-penetration light sensitivity from morning to evening, there is no need to adjust the angle of the panel to meet the sun’s rays.

Local Eco Tech Company Quickly Becoming Fan-Favorite

Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech (DVHET), a Marlton based business, that specializes in educating homeowners on attic-based energy saving products, recently completed ten (10) solar attic fan installations this past month.

Flip the Bird

We see some crazy things when we do our attic inspections for multi-layer reflective insulation. Bird in the attic, though? We had to snap some photos.