The Importance of the Environment in the Upcoming Election

Can the solar energy industry continue to expand if the Senate changes hands? Our country’s solar and wind power industries have achieved enormous growth thanks to a more informed and concerned population, the motivation of tax credits and advantageous regulations. On the other hand, fracking, a poorly regulated, dangerous and unfortunately increasingly growing industry, is garnering support that would pose a serious threat to solar energy incentives. The cheap shale gas produced by fracking is providing ammunition to those opposing solar energy incentives, creating a very real risk to our nation’s renewable energy sector. Before you head to the polls in the next few weeks, you need to know that changes in Washington can directly affect your personal health and the health of those you love. Select leaders that can’t be bought or influenced by deep-pocketed lobbyist who want to leave the safety of the environment in the hands of future generations. There may be no future generations if we don’t address the damage we’ve inflicted on our planet. Here are a few points you should keep in mind.


  • Solar power is safe, effective and economical
  • It is reported that between 1977 and 2013, overall cost associated with solar power fell by 99% (75% since 2008)
  • In 2013 solar installations climbed to 5.1 gigawatts, nearing the national total 13 gigawatts, which is enough to power 2.2 million homes here in the USA
  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory a division of the U.S Department of Energy has predicted that wind and solar may produce 15% of U.S. electricity by 2020, 27% by 2030 and 50% by 2050.
  • Despite the natural gas industry’s hesitation to engage in dialogue about the dangers of fracking, the nasty secret is out. Toxic chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and antifreeze are released into water supplies as a result of the fracking process
  • An April, 2014 article published on Bill Moyers’ Blog cited a paper published by in Environmental Health Perspectives, a peer-reviewed journal published by the National Institutes of Health, stating: “Gas extraction produces a range of potentially health-endangering pollutants at nearly every stage of the process.”
  • Studies conducted by Duke University in conjunction with Ohio State University, Stanford, Dartmouth and the University of Rochester found that fracking drillers have repeatedly ignored state regulations resulting in contamination of water supplies in several states
  • Incidents directly associated with fracking and fracking generated products have killed

The bottom line is simple. When you go to the polls in November, know where your candidates stand on solar and wind energy, climate change, and the health of our planet. Vote responsibly.