The Solar Ladies of Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech Announce Free Educational Workshop at Evesham Library

Marlton, New Jersey – (June 9, 2016) – The Solar Ladies of Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech will be holding a free educational workshop Monday, June 27th at 6:30PM. The core topic of discussion will be “How to conserve energy and save money while protecting the environment.” Online registration via the Burlington County Library System website will open to the public on June 13th.

Attendees will learn about rising electricity costs, the growth of the solar energy industry, misconceptions about solar energy, how to determine if your home qualifies for solar panels, and the importance of sealing, insulating and ventilating a home. The presentation is roughly one-hour and representatives will be available afterwards for questions. Those that are interested can receive a no-obligation solar savings assessment.

To see if your home qualifies for solar, call The Solar Ladies at 856-809-2744.

Edward DuCoin, CEO, Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech, added, “The free solar savings assessment evaluates satellite images of a home such as roof space, roof orientation, roof exposure, and energy usage to determine if solar is economically viable.”

“Homeowners are excited to learn about the different ways to save on energy costs and they want to understand what options are available to them,” said Michele DuCoin, Sales Director, of The Solar Ladies. “Educational workshops are a wonderful way for those interested in solar power and green technology to explore their options. We not only present the facts and outline the best technology and programs, but we also get a chance to show people who we really are and what our company is all about in a relaxed environment.”

Nothing can be purchased at this event. The workshop provided by The New Jersey Solar Ladies is for strictly educational purposes. Light refreshments, including coffee, soft drinks, and a dessert tray will be served. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Limited seats are available. If you would like to reserve your seat, or cannot attend the selected date and would like to receive updates for future educational workshops, please call The Solar Ladies at 856-809-2744.


Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech (DVHET) helps homeowners conserve energy, save money, live more comfortably, and protect the environment. DVHET products include Solar Panels, Solar Attic Fans, and Multi-Layer Insulation. Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech recently announced their newly developed brand, The Solar Ladies, a South Jersey based group of women involved in the solar energy industry. To learn more about DVHET, their products, and their brand, The Solar Ladies, please visit