New Jersey Solar Ladies Poised to Make Big Impact in Renewable Energy Sector

Marlton, New Jersey – (June 8, 2016) – Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech recently announced their newly developed brand, The Solar Ladies, a South Jersey based group of women involved in the solar energy industry. The new branding was planned, designed and initially launched as an opportunity to better communicate the advantages of switching to solar power in New Jersey. The Solar Ladies aim to advance women in solar panel sales, promote diversity in the community, and educate consumers on the advantages of solar power.

The Solar Ladies of New Jersey is the first active group of several planned marketing brands. Additional programs will include “Solar Veterans” and “The Men of Solar.” Each group will promote renewable energy through community events, organized presentations, and in-home solar savings consultations.

To see if your home qualifies for solar, call The Solar Ladies at 856-474-2400.

“The Solar Ladies concept came directly from the early success of our sales representatives in the field,” said Michele DuCoin, Sales Director, The Solar Ladies of New Jersey. “The feedback we received from homeowners was extremely positive. We found that many homeowners were feeling pressured by aggressive in-home salespeople, and that type of approach in the solar industry just does not work. With all of the incentives today, installing solar panels can be a very smart decision—nevertheless, it is still a big decision. The Solar Ladies concept works because of great people who truly care. The Solar Ladies, and everyone at Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech are committed to making the technology relatable, and the process of obtaining solar easy to understand.”

All Solar Ladies have completed extensive training in system functionality, project estimating, tax credits and financial options so consumers will be working with an expert. The Solar Ladies use a sophisticated process and satellite images to first determine if solar is right for a home. If a home qualifies for solar, The Solar Ladies will recommend the best program and technology for maximum savings. In cases where solar panels might not make sense, The Solar Ladies can provide other solutions that deliver energy savings, home appreciation, and reduced environmental impact.

Edward DuCoin, Chief Executive Officer added, “Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech is also exploring the idea of licensing the use of The Solar Ladies brand nationally. Expansion opportunities will be explored and based on a number of factors including state policies and financial incentives.”


Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech (DVHET) helps homeowners conserve energy, save money, live more comfortably, and protect the environment. DVHET products include Solar Panels, Solar Attic Fans, and Multi-Layer Insulation. To learn more about DVHET, their products, and their brand, The Solar Ladies, please visit